Custom Web Portals/Web interface


A client was mandated by the government Affordable Care Act to periodically export employee payroll data to a file. To accomplish this, software was developed that queried the clients SQL database containing the payroll information. The software consisted of a web interface that allowed administrators to specify the frequency at which to write the data to a file, their database connectivity information, and a custom SQL query to extract the relevant data. Securty features were also added that allowed the administrator to control user access and account. Running in the background on a local PC, the software successfully saved the data at regular intervals to a file.

Custom Desktop Application


To change your background/wallpaper image in a unique way. Provides an ideal user interface that makes it seamless to obtain high quality background images directly from the web, forgoing the need of downloading images and importing them into the screen saver program.


  • Easy to use user interface
  • Set your background/wallpaper into a slideshow
  • Use your own pictures
  • Search and pull pictures from the Web