Affordable Care Act

By a government mandate, companies are required to generate a report containing employee payroll data, at regular intervals, for external administrative review.

A process needed to be automated with minimal user interaction. Abtech Systems created custom software for the client that would periodically query their employee data stored in a SQL database, and then save the data to a file in a specific format that complied with the Affordable Care Act guidelines.

  • The software consisted of a user-friendly graphical web-based interface.
  • For security, the software granted privileges to certain users to use the portal and set up their login information.
  • The software is flexible and can be used for many different database related tasks for the client, in addition to the principal project.
  • It is a modular solution, in that new features can be easily added to the software for any new projects that arise for the client.

There are many other potential projects related to regulatory requirements: HIPAA, OSHA, FDA, etc. that Abtech Systems experienced Software Programmers can customize for your company's needs.