Disparate Database Migration

Do you have important data residing in an older database that is difficult to access? 

Many organizations face the challenge of migrating data from un-used and obsolete sources into more modern database platforms.

Abtech Systems provides solutions to assist in this process, helping to reduce the challenge and difficulty associated with data migration.


The client's principal SQL database needed information residing in an older, un-used database that needed to be periodically queried and accessed from their current system.

  • Using a web portal user interface, a solution was provided that would allow the user to create custom queries that 'pulled' data from the older database into their current system, making the process fast and seamless.
  • From the secure web portal, the user can configure the database connectivity, specify the databases and tables for both the import and export, specify the fields and data to be imported and create a unique query that allows for full customization of the data transfer.

Our solution greatly enhanced their data integration and lessened the work and errors involved in moving data from one system to another.