Data Streamlining of Internal Workflow

All companies have a workflow that relies on the use of files, such as spreadsheets or other sources for data storage. Passing data around, sending information in emails, or in attached files, making the workflow fragmented, disorganized, and error-prone.

Abtech Systems provides solutions to help your organization move away from this practice, and adopt a more organized and unified workflow, which relies on a centralized database system.

data streamlining

One of our clients had a workflow like the type described above, and additionally had several third-party software programs which were extensively used. There was minimal to no communication between the programs and access, which meant entry of data into each had to be performed manually. This overall process made the workflow tedious and error-prone.

Our solution entailed the creation of a central SQL database on a network server, where all workflow data was able to be stored. Access to the data was then provided via a web portal user interface linked to the database.

The portal users could then add records, query data, export data, modify data, and send data to the third party programs.

This created a more efficient process, which helped to save time and reduce error, as well as making the workflow easier on employees.