Vital Signz

VitalSignz is a unique and novel health data tracking app that allows users to import, add, and store relevant and important health information, namely that coming from standard lab blood tests and biometric data, such as blood pressure and heart rate, foods and their nutrients, medications, and activity data. 

Test Data

Users can manually enter new data by selecting from one of over 250 pre-stored, standard lab tests, which contain common abbreviations, alternate names/tags, descriptions, units, and acceptable ranges, along with a web link in case the user would like to learn more about a certain test. New tests can also be manually entered, making the number of pre-stored tests limitless.

Food Data

Over 700,000 foods are available to add from a convenient autofill text box. When a food is selected, it component nutrients are displayed in an easy-to-read view, and if the food is chosen for entry, the food and it's nutrients are stored on the phone, for later graphical analysis and comparison with other types of data.


Easy-to-Read Graphs:

 VitalSignz presents a simplistic, user-friendly design that allows for easy navigation in the app. Simple, yet aesthetically pleasing, graphs make viewing and interpreting stored data easy and meaningful. Further, data from all the disparate data types can be plotted on the same graph, such as a medication(s) (Atorvastatin), a nutrient(s) (Unsaturated Fat), a blood test result(s) (LDL), for analysis and to observe any trends and correlations.


Vital Signz also allows tracking of medication, where users can select from thousands of standard brand and generic medications. 


In addition to tracking test result data, VitalSignz also tracks bio-metric data, such as heart rate, blood pressure, and the number of steps and distance the user has walked. A novel feature is the heart rate monitor, where to calculate one's heart rate, the user places their index finger over the iPhone's rear light and camera, and the reading is measured by determining changes in the hue caused by blood flow.