Vital Signz

Vital Signz is an iPhone App which helps you work towards a healthier living by cleanly tracking your data and visually displaying trends and patterns in the information. Vital Signz will track records about blood and body health over time, by scanning printed documents and recording the information. With Vital Signz you no longer need to read through stacks of files, because all the information will be localized and organized into one simple app.

Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is way of scanning printed documents and converting them to digital information. It is extremely powerful and can convert hours of reading documents to a few minutes of scanning documents, allowing the app to process the relevant information. Vital Sign will match the information with libraries that contain hundreds of potential matches and sort the data accordingly, so all you need to do is check the graphs to see your progress. 



Easy-to-Read Graphs:

 As you collect data our App will draw an aesthetic graph of your progress. Graphs are a powerful way of showing the progress you've made on working towards a healthy living. Each graph is easy to read, with the ability to instantly zoom in on a data point if you want to take a closer look at the information relating to that specific entry. Along with all the information you enter, Vital Signz will also show helpful information like healthy high and low ranges. 

Data Stored for each Test

  • Test name
  • Healthy high/low
  • Standard unit

Data Stored for each Point

  • Custom description
  • Value
  • Date taken